Our Expertise

As Nasrin Zarif Digital Marketing Team, we help you take a significant step towards increasing your organic traffic, ensuring your business is presented to many people, and providing opportunities for you to convert prospects into customers. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu rank websites based on certain parameters. Search algorithms look at many factors and signals, including the keywords of your query, as a result, search engine optimization (SEO) is the best method of increasing the relevant traffic to your website and improving your branding.

Promoting your online Brand in search results using the optimization of Artificial intelligence

Search engines are no longer lexical, meaning they do not look for literal matches of the query words or variants of them, instead, they have become semantic, that is, using Artificial intelligence and machine reading comprehension technologies such as NLP and NLU the search engine attempts to generate the most accurate results possible based on the searcher intent, query context, and the relationship between words.


Graduated in Information Technology (IT) and Software technology Engineering (STE) interested in IOT, and a member of the IEEE Iran research team. Her articles in the field of IOT have been accepted in international Journals. She has been working in web design and optimization since 2013.

Skills and research

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Project management
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Web design
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ADS campaign
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Technical Manager

SEO specialist and researcher

familiar with web 2008 – Novel Lovers Website 120k/day

a webmaster for 15 years

SEO for 9 years

  • Teaching SEO & web design using multimedia strategies 2013
  • Cooperating with Alpha Group holding based in Turkey as SEO manager 2014-2016
  • Cooperating with Speak Google as PI for 5 years
  • SEO consultant for 22 (Casino) websites for 1 year 2018
  • Working as a quality rater at google for 2 years
  • Giving consultation to +50 websites in the VIP programs 1,2
  • Holding Q & A sessions in the VIP 1,2 Channel +72 hours with 250 member
  • Teaching a private course on semantics with 937 members equivalent to +2800 man-hour
  • Holding Mentoring sessions on a survey plan of knowledge harmonization of the SEO service providers with 240 participating, equivalent to +720 man-hour
  • Obtaining the rank of the word “بلیط چارتر” (Charter Ticket) for Kavat travel agency in 27 years for 1 year
  • Supporting Home Businesses Development National Plan Headquarters cooperating with Kermanshah Industry and Mining Organization
  • Attending the G-talk panel as a speaker along with the SEO managers of Digikala, Filimo, Aparat, and OK exchange
  • Obtaining the rank of the marketing words in Ziva Project and becoming the case study for the semantic courses, with 937 members participating
  • Cooperating SEO consultant for: All-digital, Namnak, Salam Baba, AloContent, Idnovin, Danial Taheri, Saba plan, mmcunsultingfirm.com, Asemooniha Portal, and more than 100 other websites


NLP, NLU, Machine learning

SEO consulting

SEO technique

SEO research

copywriter and ETC

Work skills

  • Automation and systemization
  • Analysis of the situation & determining the strategy
  • Multitasking
  • Research & the latest methodologies

We are always the first to know the latest updates on google

With us be the most updated and the most prepared in the online ecosystem

Our Team

Now that we witness the separation of all expertise and specialties, we enjoy the best in our separated teams who can handle projects on a large scale.

The number of experts working in different sectors

English Content creating
Persian Content writing
Website support and Hosting
Video and photo design & editing
SEO manager
Web design

Outstanding service

Web Design

Search engine optimization

Digital marketing

Consulting and coaching

Keyword research

The first step of online marketing is keyword research and keyword targeting. We have done this many times for different languages of the world.

Landing page design

Today, before designing any page, it is necessary to understand the user’s needs and create the most suitable context according to the user’s intent. We are the organizer of training classes for this work in Iran.

  •  structure
  • Technical SEO
  • Create a CTA
  • User analysis
  • Schema implementation
  • AI reverse engineering
  • Social signal
  • UI/UX
  • PBN management
  • Analysis of visibility
  • Content marketing
  • Digital art
  • Improved creep budget
  • Monitor search results
  • voice search
  • Internal linking
  • Daily link building
  • Optimize load time
  • e-mail marketing
  • Google Discover
  • Reportage campaign
  • Management in updates
  • Image optimization
  • SMS marketing
  • Trending topics


Retail market


Service website